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30 day challenge
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If a part of Isley were in Raki I would believe that.



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Teresa’s death was like boulder caught in my throat anger confusion what the fuck just happened i’m not sure if i can even cry i want to scream this isn’t sad this is soul-crushing

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Top 3 saddest deaths? Personally, I think the deaths of Clarice, Jean, and Rafaela/Luciela were the saddest.


Riful, Clarice, Isley (personally), Jean (fandom)

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Isn't there another continent? Doubt it ends with Priscilla.


hence “mainland”

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do you think yagi will continue the story after priscilla dies? and if so what do you think it would be? x


the ancient chant: mainland dragonkin asarakam!

the secrets of the org! all about the org and their non-human ageless undying men clearly experiments themselves! find rubel! hopefully more creatures! and of a wider variety!

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Do you think Helen and Deneve would be more than a match for Ophelia? Do you think either of them are strong enough now to be more than a match for Ophelia?


Where’s my duh gif

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Could you make more Flora edits, i love her so much i which we could have seen more of her, <3 love your blog, only asking because of the text post, its okay if you dont want to!


I love Flora and have been wondering why more people didn’t request her ;-;

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So they were saying that Tabitha (God rest her soul) still had yet to release her yoki. This whole time I was thinking that she released it during the fight with Hysteria when they were imbuing Anastasia's hair with their yoki. Does that not count as yoki release or should we just chalk that up to Yagi going "LOL whatever?"


also they “insert” their yoki into the hair and inserting and releasing seem to be 2 diff things

while release looks like

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what do you think of isley's "death" after all that's been going on?



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