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    Claymore x Berserk

30 day challenge
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¬ Dauf Appears
Claymore Chapter 43

i finished the manga in 10 hours, i need help


holy mother of teresa

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“What the hell are you doing?! If you just die here alone as you please, what are the ones you leave behind supposed to do?!”

Ophelia (via carlogin)

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Is it weird to admit that even while I ship the ladies (and maybe the guys too) of claymore together as well as seeing some of them as asexual? Because I do.


Nope. People can be shipped and be asexual. People are asexual and in relationships irl. all the time. everywhere. in ur dreams and outside.

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If I made a Claymore fanfic, who would read it and what pairing would you like to see?

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Three of Seven
Three of Seven

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Undine’s Loss

"From Awakened (a Claymore doujinshi of mine), the pages where Undine goes mad due to her friend’s "death." And there is our little Riful, trying to explain to Undine why a weak number 39 can’t go against a former number 2 to get revenge without [dying]."

i can’t wait for the day to be over so that airplane thing goes away

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